Snowbirds, pt. 1 – Space Coast

Wow, time flies when you’re lying in the sun! We hit Cocoa Beach, Florida in mid-February intending to visit some friends stationed there (tough life!), see family in Orlando, and hit a few major attractions before heading further south. We ended up staying nearly a month – visiting with the Orlando branch of the Boggess clan, sharing great meals with Miguel and Christine, enjoying the beautiful beaches, and seeing the sights.

The Orlando Science Center is a great little hands-on museum with a lot of different activities from dinosaurs to astronomy to physics and mechanical engineering. Oh, and they also happen to be hosting a special traveling exhibit called Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination. We’re a family of Star Wars fans — we call our bus the Millennium Falcon — so we were really looking forward to the exhibit. Real costumes and props from the movies along with discussion, exhibits, and experiments about the science behind the movies. The boys got to build a maglev craft and a programmable robot. Bridger, our resident Star Wars geek and scientist in training, was in heaven!

Since we were just south of Cape Canaveral, we continued the real world space exploration theme with a visit to the Kennedy Space Center. We recently watched Apollo 13 and the excellent documentary series “When We Left Earth,” so it was really cool to see the Mercury and Apollo rockets up close. There’s even a Space Shuttle launch simulator that almost makes you feel like you’re in space!

Ayrril and the boys settled in for a couple of weeks of school while I flew back to Seattle for work, then it was time to load back up and get on the road again. I think we could get used to this snowbird life!

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