You know you’re retired when…

– it’s March and your feet have tan lines
– instead of asking what time it is, you find yourself asking, “What day is it?”
– wearing the same clothes for three days doesn’t faze you
– your kids think getting up at 6 a.m. to swim with manatees is an adventure, but getting up before 10 to do anything else is “too early”
– instead of asking “How are you?” your family and friends ask “Where are you?”
– you promise to update your blog regularly, then realize that over a month has gone by without a post

Seriously, how’d that happen? We’re parked at Fort Walton Beach, Florida now. Ayrril and the boys will be staying here while I fly back to Oregon for a month. So, prepare to be inundated (or at least fully updated) in the next week or two.

Coming up next: Snowbirds, part 1, in which the Boggess family hits the Sunshine State and begins to thaw out under the influence of warm sun and cold drinks.


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