Who we are

After nearly 22 years military service and close to a decade of living in Germany, the Boggess family decided to buy a 40 foot bus and hit the road for a year to see America. Brian, Ayrril, Carson, Bridger, and Sam (our hound dog) will be  checking in as we travel coast to coast, north to south, and to numerous points in between to visit family and friends, see exciting places, and breathe the sweet air of freedom.


6 thoughts on “Who we are

  1. We will follow you on this page! 🙂

  2. John Cauffman

    Brian – my offer still stands – I’m willing to be your back-up driver, cook, events coordinator ( I think I passed your first test! ) or general handyman. I’m ready Coach, put me in! : )

    • We are now accepting applications for intern positions on the Boggess Expedition. Diesel engine experience is a plus. Pay is low but the view is amazing!

  3. Lara Mulvaney

    well looky here! Figured you guys were already well into your adventure, so really glad Google led me right to you! Welcome back to the USA and Happy Trails, Boggesses! xoxo

    Excited to follow your story!

  4. Nick

    Did you get my email with the chem paper? hope you guys are smiling, Nick

  5. Jeff Smith

    What a great idea! It’s awesome to be able to follow your travels.

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