Breaking News… Hurricane Sandy!

We’ve had several messages from friends and family wondering about our location and safety. Thought we’d throw a quick post up to let you all know what we’re doing in the face of the Frankenstorm! We’ve been in Boston, and our plan was to be there for a few more days then go to Philadelphia before visiting Brian’s parents in Ohio for a couple of weeks. But since the bus doesn’t float and we don’t want it to fly, we decided to head for the hills. We’re headed north and then west, which will take us into some snow but out of the wind.

The whole East Coast is bracing for the storm. We’ve passed convoys of utility trucks heading into the coastal areas to be positioned for post-storm clean-up. People here are fueling up generators and stockpiling food and water in expectation of power outages. We have friends and family right in the path and we’re definitely worried for them.

We’re driving along Lake Ontario now and it’s churning. When the storm hits here late tonight they’re expecting 25 ft waves and wind gusts up to 70 mph. By then we should be parked safely at the lake house in Ohio, watching it all on the Weather Channel.

We had a great time in Boston — pictures coming soon!

In the meantime, here’s Sandy…

Sandy from space

The projected path…

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3 thoughts on “Breaking News… Hurricane Sandy!

  1. holgerissle

    Hey, we are keeping our thumbs pressed you make it to Ohio in time! I have a schoolmate in Philadelphia, PA, some colleagues in the Boston area, and I am a bit worried about all you guys over there. Just pray that at least no one is seriously hurt.

  2. the lauerfamily

    Hurray! Josch found your blog!
    Now we will “follow” you, whereever you go! I’m thinking so much about you – now we keep our fingers crossed and our thoughts will be with you! Take care!

    Big hug … Bine

  3. Aaron & Cindy

    Are you still planning New York City? I know you had other stops planned before Sandy hit. Windy in da UP eh, and that’s all so far. I was by Lake Michigan to day and the waves were maybe 6′. Have a great time at the folks, tell them hi from the UP eh.

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