Portland to Portland

Miles since Portland, OR: 8548
Miles on the jeep: 6352
States we’ve been in: 17
Bears that have crossed our path: 1
Bare asses that have crossed our path!: 1 (Thanks, Paul!)
Number of books we’ve acquired along the way: too many to count
Number of bookshelves in the bus: not enough
Number of fill-ups: you don’t want to know
Number of new tires: 2
Number of microbreweries visited: 15!
Number of those that were in the U.P.: 8! The Great Beer State!
Guest passengers: 3 πŸ™‚
Number of times we’ve listened to On The Road Again by Willie Nelson: a lot!
Number of songs in our On the Road playlist: 19 β€” suggestions welcome!
Most unexpected thrill: seeing the aurora borealis in Houghton
Number of times Brian’s shaved since July 26: 0!

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8 thoughts on “Portland to Portland

  1. Number of times Brian’s shaved since July 26: 0! πŸ™‚
    Men always should wear a beard!
    Hope you will not be hit by the storms that were reported in the TV over here!

  2. Myra

    Love the pictures from Portland! Gregg grew up vacationing just south of there in Ocean Park. We’ve taken the kids twice and fell in the love with that area. So glad you got to see it, too. Are you adding floaties to the bus for the storm?

    • Hi Jones Family!
      We loved Portland too. At dinner we spent some time looking at the calendar to see if we could wedge in some more time there. We decided that we just have to come back when we can spend a big chunk of time exploring all of Maine. It’s such a beautiful state.

      As far as floaties for the bus… what we really need is a Boston Duck conversion kit! πŸ™‚


  3. Jeff

    Sounds so great guys! You are definitely doing it right. Except for the fact that your route does not bring you all through Kansas…. Miss you all!! Have fun. Jeff

  4. Aaron & Cindy

    Playlist song Life is a highway (Rascel Flates) one of my favorites. If you would send us the picture of your family in front of the Mighty Mac (e-mail is fine) we like that picture.

  5. Your journey is really great so far. I realized today that you added a map feature as well, that makes it a lot easier to follow you. I was totally confused by the title of this post as I keep forgetting that city names (without state) are not necessarily unique in the US! And the pictures are really cool. After some snow only a little time ago, then good weather, we now will start into a rainy November. Feels like the country asked for an extensive and real hard shower :/

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