Daily Archives: October 28, 2012

Portland to Portland

Miles since Portland, OR: 8548
Miles on the jeep: 6352
States we’ve been in: 17
Bears that have crossed our path: 1
Bare asses that have crossed our path!: 1 (Thanks, Paul!)
Number of books we’ve acquired along the way: too many to count
Number of bookshelves in the bus: not enough
Number of fill-ups: you don’t want to know
Number of new tires: 2
Number of microbreweries visited: 15!
Number of those that were in the U.P.: 8! The Great Beer State!
Guest passengers: 3 🙂
Number of times we’ve listened to On The Road Again by Willie Nelson: a lot!
Number of songs in our On the Road playlist: 19 — suggestions welcome!
Most unexpected thrill: seeing the aurora borealis in Houghton
Number of times Brian’s shaved since July 26: 0!

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